Sónia Gingado

Sónia Gingado

"The good man acts from the roots. It is on firm roots that the Path can grow and develop" - Confucius

Sónia Gingado was born in Lisbon and has always been deeply connected to Nature, from the rhythms, sounds, colors and shapes to what is yet to be seen or known, she has always known from an early age that her purpose is to help others.

Starting with herself, she began her academic path in the health area and never stopped...

Her professional and personal career includes Naturopathy, Phytotherapy, Chinese Medicine and Colon Hydrotherapy, an area in which she became specialized and has been practicing for 20 years, as an international therapist and trainer. This professional path has also been complemented by Clinical and Behavioral Iridology, Homeopathic Mesotherapy, Holistic Kinesiology, Plant Nutrition, Macrobiotic Nutrition and the Psychology, an area through which she seeks to bridge the gap between the first and second brain.

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