Immediate sensation of lightness and well-being, prevention of colon cancer, regulation of intestinal motricity, mood improvement, as it decreases anxiety, nervousness and irritability, elimination of toxins and parasites and some patients lose weight in association with the recommended diet.

Every time I review the fundamental concepts of Colon Hydrotherapy, which I learned 20 years ago, I am faced with the need to add more and more to the existing concepts. I do not know if this is “just me”, (I believe so) but I prefer to exchange the "defect" for rigor, experience and humility, thus accepting that I myself, started creating, over time, a very particular concept of this therapy and what is involved in it ...

Over many years I have seen countless descriptions about Colon Hydrotherapy, what it is, how it is done, what it consists of, what it is for, etc.... Some of those descriptions are close to reality, others have fallen by the wayside and others have not even come close to getting there....

In its ancestral essence it’s a therapeutic technique of detoxification (physical, psychological and emotional);

It is par excellence, a natural cleansing system, since it is performed only with filtered water at body temperature;

Its main objective is the removal of waste, excess mucus and parasites, promoting the improvement of the absorption capacity of nutrients, the prevention of diseases and complications of the intestinal tract and also the balance of bowel movements.

It is undoubtedly a very useful adjuvant for detoxification of the body and can be used as part of a weight loss regime or for the management of toxicity-induced conditions, such as in cases of chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy.

Colon Hydrotherapy has a highly positive effect on the gut microbiota, and can be supplemented with specific herbal, mineral or probiotic implants.

The effects of a healthy and varied intestinal flora are vast and are currently the subject of much research.

The microbiome in the gastro-intestinal tract has been shown to play an important role in both brain development and behavior. Some microorganisms are able to modulate the development of some brain structures from early childhood and produce different compounds, which when absorbed can act in the brain influencing behavior.

As this is an innovative area of research, the role of intestinal flora in diseases such as obesity has been studied, with very interesting results. Apparently, the presence of certain bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract is associated with obesity. Other diseases also deserve mention when talking about intestinal microbiota, such as autism, psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis, among others.

Leonardo Da Vinci

"Water is the driving force of all Nature."